Our Hitmakers!

Eklektiq Musiq have a team of producers that can produce your next hit.

Analog Machine has more than 15 years experience in Audio production. As a qualified audio engineer that worked at numerous production studios, radio stations and record companies does he possess the formula for that we all come to love from songs that is on the top ten list of the Billboard charts.

BinsTheRapper is a talented rapper but also a talented producer. Protege of Analog Machine, is BinsTheRapper a formidable force to look out for.

Logical is a rapper but also a songwriter and have written for numerous artists. Logical has the skill to write your next hit for the Billboard charts!

Megan Virgo has the background of a classical singer and her family educate the youngsters from disadvantage positions in classical and the jazz genres. Megan Virgo has that female touch when it comes to writing your song that will express your emotions lyrically.

Big Willy is a photographer and vidographer that has the creative capability to make your vison alive!