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Eklektiq Musiq signs talented Rapper Logical

By Nemizes The Reporter posted June 1, 2017

Logical is a talented RAP artist that hails from Paarl, in the beautiful Cape Winelands. A teacher that is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Logical can be defined as South Africa's very own Kanye West. Lyrical content that puts him on that genius level that many aspiring and established artists lack.

Eklektiq Musiq grabbed the talented rapper after a long wait, before he actually penned this  recording deal. We had a very interesting interview with Logical to get into the mind of the genius.  

Nemizes: Tell us who is Logical?

Logical: Uhm. That is a good one. I am a versatile Hip Hop artist, a full- time educator and define myself as a creative genius. I am humble and I stay true to my roots. I can say Logical is a go- getter and ambitous who goes for what he wants.

Nemizes: How did it came about to pursue a career as a Rapper in this ever evolving and tough industry, since you are a teacher as well?

Logical: Passion. Poetry has been the roots of my love for Hip Hop. The other main motivation is that the platform where I can freely express myself, my thoughts, my emotions and my creativity as an artist. Poetry and Hip Hop has always been part of my up bringing as a boy. It was a way of stepping out of my shell and gaining that self- confidence. 

Nemizes: Tell us more about the Eklektiq Musiq record deal? I believe it did not happen over night? 

Logical: Well it was an uphill battle at first. I submitted my entries and initially thought I'd be rejected 'cause there's so many talented artists out there. Despite that I still was confident that eventually I'll make the cut 'cause I believe that I bring something totally different to the local and international Hip Hop game. Luckily my music convinced the management that I am the artist that they should sign. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Nemizes: What is your plans and when can we expect a release?

Logical: Currently I am busy working on an EP entitled INFANTinity: Maliha's Music. I've recently became a father and all the songs on this EP is centered and focused around my daughter, Maliha. I'm exploring new musical boundaries with this EP. Hopefully the first single will be released soon. 

Nemizes: Any aspiring words for upcoming artists?

Logical: Never stop believing in yourself. Be ambitious and dilligent. Don't be distracted easily and focus on what's important first, meaning prioritize. My personal motivation is in order to be unique, you'll have to start with the first letter of the word. Be "u".

Logical is a gifted Rapper that the industry have to look out for, since the talented RAP artist are going places. At the time we conducted this interview with Logical his daugther Maliha was borned. Congrats Logical. If you would like to read more about Logical and preview some of his music, navigate to our artist and media pages.


BinsTheRapper back?

By Nemizes Tha Journalizt posted July 1, 2017

After a long time away from the microphone and the label, do we see the return of BinsTheRapper, member from the crew OSIKI. Born in Newton, Wellington a suburb in the Cape Winelands BinsTheRapper can be defined as a versatile Rapper with cathcy lyrics and hooks. Drake beware because BinsTheRapper is here. We had a chat with BinsTheRapper and this is what he had to say.

Nemizes: Hi, BinsTheRapper and welcome to our interview.

BinsTheRapper: Hi and thank you for the opportunity.

Nemizes: Tell us who is BinsTheRapper?

BinsTheRapper: BinsTheRapper is a down to earth, ordinary, insane at the same time kinda guy. I'm very friendly and like to mix with the real, loyal and successful people because you know as they say the real recognize real, but anyway Bins is just a human being like all of ya'll. Believe you me I will never want to pretend that I'm someone else. I'm grateful to be me.

Nemizes: You belong to the crew OSIKI. Recorded a few songs with your crew and a single as a soloist. Now that you are back what can we expect from BinsTheRapper?

BinsTheRapper: I am working on an EP at the moment where I'm featuring different artists containing 6 great songs and maybe just maybe there will be a bonus song which will be a 7th song. Hopefully it'll drop soon. I know I've been quiet for a while and I also want to thank the fans for being so patient. I am so sorry for the wait and I promise sooner then later you will be dancing and singing  on what I'm working on.

Nemizes: What is your thought process and inspiration writing those catchy punchlines and hooks?

BinsTheRapper: I have different times when I'll be writing songs. There is no scheduled time I will write songs. There's a special touch to my lyrics depending on the different moods that I am in, or the moods that other people put me in. Hahaha. A great example is the song from my EP entitled "She know that". At that time I was so inlove with my girl and we were so happy. Still relationships can be tough. That inspired me to write the song just to express my feelings to her and everyone who is in a relationship, so my advice to you is to never make me angry. I might write a song about you.

Nemizes: What is your plans for 2017 and when can we expect an actual release?

BinsTheRapper: I'm not sure when my EP will be released but hopefully around spring 2017. It's like a great whisky. Time let's it mature.

Nemizes: Any inspiring words for artists pursuing a career in music?

BinsTheRapper:  Well, if you are a singer you should work hard obviously and never give up. Practice, practice and practice again. If you are tired of practicing then practice again. Practice everyday.  You can never be too much prepared. If you are a rapper do the same. Just watch out for me because I destroy anyone who gets in my way. No seriously that is how I role.

BinsTheRapper is a truly gifted artist from the new school with a crazy flow and cathy lyrics. BinsTheRapper is set on it to take on the local and international music industry, already being watched by Grammy- and Billboard Award winning producers from the U.S.A. 


Still no "Analog Contrivance"?

By Nemizes Tha Journalizt posted July 1, 2017

IamYunique's "Analog Contrivance" have been pushed back so many times, that it makes you wonder if it will ever drop! We have an in depth interview with Eklektiq Musiq's CEO to find out the dekay behind this long awaited project.

Nemizes: Hi good afternoon Mr. Claassen.

YM Claassen: Good afternoon. I trust that you are well?

Nemizes: Yes I am. So what can we tell us about your overdue project "Analog Contrivance"?

YM Claassen: Well it is a nice EP, but it is not so easy to be an artist and run a label as well.

Nemizes: Why do you say so that it's not so easy?

YM Claassen: I have a huge responsibility leading the team. I have to give my attention to the artists on the roster. I am a business man, producer and the executive engineer, so I am basically wearing a lot of hats. Thus the delay.

Nemizes: This project was suppose to be released almost a year an a half ago? Can we expect a release date?

YM Claassen: It is hard to say. We planned the projects of our artists so far for the next five years, and I have not actually put the release on the list, although a lot of fans of "IamYunique" from the USA have asked for new material.

Nemizes: So are you saying Mr. Claassen that "Analog Contrivance" will not drop?

YM Claassen: I did not say that neither is it a thought of mine. You know the industry is ever evolving and changing and I might just release it exclusively or however we see fit.

Nemizes: Who is the producers you have worked with Mr. Claassen?

YM Claassen: I was privilidge to work with a grammy award winning producer on a single "Still". AD produced fro 5o Cent, Snoop Dogg and many other multi platinum selling artists. He is a very down to earth person and always try to assist the indie artists.

Nemizes: Are there any collaborations on this EP?

YM Claassen: That is a good one. Yes and No. I have not completed it or wrap my mind behind it so that I can actually complete it. I have many tasks to attend to so I might collab with a few artists, especially the artists that is on our roster.

Nemizes: The single "Still". Will there be a music video shot for it?

YM Claassen: That we need to discuss with the CCO. He is responsible for all photography and video productions. I did think about it but lets talk about that when we cross that bridge.

Nemizes: Thank you for your time Mr. Claassen and all of the best.

YM Claassen: Thank you the same to you

So there you have it. Not certain when the project will be released but be sure that we will keep you in the loop. To learn more about IamYunique visit IamYunique on Facebook.




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